Exploring The Food Scene In Arizona: Don’t Miss The Classics!

Desert, hot summer months, Grand Canyon – Those are probably the first things that travelers have in mind about Arizona. Did you know that the state has an incredible food and dining scene? Yes, foodies will find plenty to explore in Arizona, and the options extend beyond Phoenix. If you are looking for places to eat in Goodyear AZ and would want to try some of the iconic dishes, we have a list for your help.


Arizona has some popular seafood restaurants, which serve anything and everything from shrimps and clams to oysters, crabs and lobsters. The best part is the range of spices that are used in making seafood. While most restaurants have their specialties, we strongly recommend that you check for Cajun cooking. Cajun spices when mixed and cooked with seafood can offer a palette of dishes that are hard to resist.


Barbeque is what the Tex-Mex region is known for, and Arizona is no different. Both Phoenix and Tucson has some nice BBQ restaurants, and the recipes extend beyond the standard steaks and grilled meats. Grilled sandwiches with BBQ meats are worth exploring, and we also suggest that you add some cheese bites on the sides.


If you want to have a breakfast without caring about calories, it has to be chilaquiles in Arizona. This is often a staple at many early-morning eateries, and you could match it with shake of your choice with coffee. The base is basically fried tortillas, with eggs on the top and salsa. Many people like to add extras to their chilaquiles, such as minced meat, but toppings are really a personal choice.


Anyone who has been regular to Arizona will tell you about Chimichanga, which is often considered by many as state food. This is basically a burrito that has been deep fried with a bunch of ingredients. Restaurants often serve their own version of Chimichanga, but it usually includes rice, with cheese, beans, and minced meat. You can also order cheese on the sides. Smoked meats and dried beef besides seafood.

Final word

Before you visit a restaurant, make it a point to select something from their online menu. Most AZ restaurants do have something unique to choose from, but don’t forget to check the items we mentioned. Seafood restaurants in Phoenix are also worth exploring, and you will find more than your standard seafood salads, veggies, and stir-fries!


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