Frozen Food Recipes For Evening Parties: Try These Easy Options!

You have guests at home, and there’s no time to do the prepping. Ordering food from outside can be an expensive affair, and often, the choices are limited. If you have frozen food items like potato smiley or French fries at home, you can actually make a few instant recipes. While frozen snacks can be served immediately with a dip, you can give a twist with these recipes.

  • Decorated potato smileys. For the uninitiated, potato smileys are nothing but a kind of patty made of potatoes. In terms of texture, smileys are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. To make this recipe, deep fry the smileys in hot oil for about three minutes. On top of each potato smiley, place finely chopped onions and tomato with some grated cheese and mayo. Your decorated potato smileys are ready!
  • French fries with chocolate. Now this may seem like a really experimental recipe, but we promise that the kids will love it! First fry the fries as per instructions on the packet and keep aside. Now, in a bowl, add the fries, with some chocolate chips and add some dark chocolate syrup and white chocolate syrup on the top. Serve right away for that crunchy affair.
  • Masala fries. Probably the easiest recipe you can make with frozen French fries. To make masala fries, fry the French fries as instructed. For seasoning, you can use anything from peri peri mix or something like pasta or pizza seasoning. Just place the ready fries in a bowl, add the seasoning and toss. To add some extra element of surprise, you can top the fries with some melted cheese.

  • Grill Sandwich with aloo tikki. If you have frozen aloo tikki in the freezer, this is a standard snack you can try over the weekend. Fry the aloo tikki first. Now, place a slice of bread and top with the tikki, sliced onions, tomatoes and a slice of cheese. Cover with another slice of bread and grill for five minutes, until the cheese melts. A great go-to food item for kids too!

Now that you know everything about using frozen foods in different ways, head to the super market today and stock your freezer immediately. After all, you never know when people turn up for a fun evening. You can also try non-vegetarian frozen foods such as chicken nuggets to make different versions of these recipes.


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