Great Reasons to Give A Gin Gift Set A Try

After a hard day at work, there is nothing better than returning home and being able to relax to join the ranks of those who may have retired and know just how to spend their free time. A refreshing shower, and then maybe a meal might be the perfect way to wind down, followed by some quality time with a loved one.

And there’s no better way to chill out than with some nice music, or by watching a favourite Australian TV show than to do so with a refreshing drink. One spirit of late, has seen its consumption rise hugely across the whole of Australia, along with distilleries, one of which is in Victoria and offers a wonderful choice of gin gift sets.

  • It’s always great to hear of success stories, with the providers of these sets being a fantastic example of making use of plenty of spare time to good effect. During the many restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a father and daughter decided to start distilling gin, and soon became very good at it. So good, that since their formation in 2020 aided by the knowledge acquired through a degree in Applied Chemistry, the company has gone on to win awards both at home and abroad for their quality products.
  • The gift sets are a perfect introduction to gin for a special someone, or even as a treat to yourself! There is a wide variety available, including a 3 x 200ml bottles pack which is a great way to enjoy a selection of top-quality delicious Australian gin. As most gift sets can be adapted to contain any of the range of up to 17 gins, there is guaranteed to be a taste that everyone will enjoy.
  • A fantastic way to get the most from the gin is by following the advice provided on the website which offers some incredible cocktail recipes, while the traditionalists may wish to try it neat or with a tonic of their choice. Whether it’s a citrus gin chosen to hit the spot, through to a blushing pink gin, the quality never abates, guaranteeing a taste sensation that will leave those tasting clamouring for more. Australian parties always stock a supply of gin.
  • For the many who do wish to try more, a 2 x 500ml bottle gift set is an ideal option, while the gin and tonic set is just the job for beginners. With free shipping for orders over $70 AUD nobody anywhere needs to miss out. Maybe aficionados may enjoy sipping their gorgeous gin while wearing some of the company merchandise that’s available or placing their drink on some specially made coasters from a selection of gins that continues to grow at the distillery in the hills north of Melbourne.

Buying a gin gift set from a family company that believes in high-quality customer service and using the best ingredients to distil the perfect gins, is guaranteed to delight any recipient and all those who get to sample the fabulously flavoured drinks.