How to Make Duck Ham in a Super Easy Way?


  1. 2 tsp or 10g fresh or dried thyme, rosemary or juniper
  2. 1 tsp or 5g freshly cracked black pepper
  3. 1 1/4 cup (200g) coarse sea salt
  4. 1 duck breast butcher’s string cheesecloth or
  5. a kitchen scale


  • Add the salt and herbs together to form a curing mixture.
  • Coat the duck breast with it and put the rest in a ziplock freezer bag and put the curated duck breast in. When using a bag, press out all the air when you seal it. Keep it for 24 hours.
  • Wash the cure mixture off the duck and pat it dry. Now grind some fresh black pepper on it and press it a bit. You may notice that the little slab has gone denser and stiffer. This is caused because of dehydration by the curing salts that draw out the moisture from the duck.
  • Now wrap it up in a muslin and tie it with the string in several places.

  • Now hang it in a cool and breezy place for a week at least. Note that the temperature doesn’t go above 40 degrees F or 4 degrees C. It is very important to have air circulation for the duck breast. Always weigh the meat when you remove it from the curing mixture. Then weigh it in every few days when you hang it and consume it when it has lost 30 percent of its weight. Note there is no mold or bloom growing inside the duck and ensure that it always has a good and hammy fragrance in the entire week.
  • Now slice it thinly and serve. It tastes amazing, it is clean and nice and the color looks lovely too. You can add more thyme in the duck if you think the flavors are not enough. You can also add sugar to cure the dish. And the dish is quite salty, so always slice it very thinly.

So this is how to make your own duck ham by curing it with no smoking it at all. If you want to explore more of the duck recipes, duck breast recipes and the varieties of ducks available for consumption and of course, for sale, you can head to this website. They have a range of ducks available according to your tastes and preferences.


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