Impeccable Vietnamese catering services

Organizing an event will no longer be a challenging task when you select the best among a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants not only in terms of good quality of tempting food but also for efficient catering services as well.

As far as choosing the right type of restaurant is concerned, it is important to choose the type of catering services required by you. Primarily, there are two types of catering services such as:

  • Restaurant catering – in which catering service of food cooked as per the decided menu at a restaurant for which catering service is provided at the given venue of your choice. This includes complete service from laying tables, seating arrangement, decoration, and serving food to the guests.

Restaurant catering services also include event wise services, such as:

  • Wedding Catering – in which newlywed bride and groom host reception for which all preparations right from decoration, guest welcome, dinner, desserts, and drinks, etc. are arranged by the caterer and served to the guests to make it a memorable day for the new couple.
  • Social Event Catering – usually it is provided for small get-togethers like birthdays or retirement parties and many other social events with appetizers, cocktails, and delicious foods including BBQ, etc.
  • Corporate Catering – in which food cooked in-house in a restaurant is served to save precious time. Often Corporate Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are catered by the restaurant in packed boxes or can be served in buffet style.
  • Concession Catering – is basically reserved for public events that are participated by a greater number of people, like sports and other seasonal events like a flower or handicraft shows and many more. In this type of catering usually, fast foods are served with coffee, tea or cold drinks
  • Full catering – with full bespoke menus. Both for private or corporate events, people avail this full catering service in which catering staff will cook the dishes at your venue and serve them to the guests. Later, as a part of the catering service, the catering staff will clean up the place before leaving after the event.

As per your need, you may choose the best of catering service for your event.

In recent times, people organize and celebrate special events with special dishes from a particular country or culture such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Continental, or Vietnamese delicacies.

There are many good restaurants that serve taste buds satisfying Vietnamese dishes that are cooked in pure and authentic Vietnamese cooking style and are served in an impeccable manner.

Among leading Vietnamese restaurants, you may rely on EXPRESS LANE Vietnamese catering services.

Best features of catering services

Apart from the most impressive catering services in the restaurant, the efficient staff of Hanoi Hannah restaurant in Express Lane, Windsor, also provides the most efficient catering services through customized packing for corporate breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as corporate snacks and kitchen and other corporate events.

 We at Hanoi Hannah also care for providing Vegan and Gluten-free Vietnamese dishes that may be ordered for delivery or pick up.

 Hanoi Hannah is a renowned restaurant at Express Lane for Vietnamese Catering Services that are not only impeccable but also an assurance for high-quality yet low costing Vietnamese cuisine cooked using fresh ingredients that help retain their flavor in the mouth for a long time to remember.



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