Reasons Why Duck Can be an Easy and Yummy Option to Include in our Diet

Roasting a duck for a dinner today? It is indeed a great menu for a special day. However, duck is not actually something that you have to wait for some special occasions. It can be included in your daily food menu too.

So, duck is said to be very nutritious and more flavourful as compared to any other poultry. The most important thing is to get fresh ducks for your yummy dishes. Brome Lacs is one such place where we can find fresh ducks in Canada. They are very old in this production of Pekin ducks, which was founded by a New Yorker in 1912.

So here are some reasons, which will make you include ducks in your daily diet:

  • Duck is one lean red meat, which has good amount of iron in it and low in fat too. It is rich in protein, selenium and zinc, which encourages good cellular metabolism. So, in short, it is not only tasty, but healthy food too.
  • Duck fats (Used as oil to grease your pan to fry potatoes or eggs) are one flavorful and healthy alternative to other oils like olive oil etc. All said it can be used as butter in your breads, or to bake cakes, cookies etc.
  • Duck is very easy to cook so you don’t need to be some chef or a professional to make this meat. All you need would be the right ingredients and a method that makes delicious meal. For example, here is some simple way to roasted duck recipe for thanksgiving.

  • Firstly, keep the duck out of the refrigerator 20 mins before you start cooking.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degree Centigrade.
  • Prick the skin with a skewer all over the sides and then season it with salt.
  • Place on the baking tray and roast it for almost 20 mins plus 20 mins per 500 gm.
  • Last, remove the duck and cover it with foil to rest it for minimum 20 mins. Then serve it.
  • A whole duck is very easy to divide instead of getting some parts of it. You can use it for a whole week by refrigerating it at a right temperature.

Duck is always a good choice for every occasion. You also have a variety of different styles of making it. You can use it in anything like a starter or main course everything works yummy.


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