Ten Tasty Types of Chocolate to Give to Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Two things we all love are Christmas and chocolate; both are synonymous with happiness, and many people give chocolate as a gift at Christmas. First used in present-day Mexico over four thousand years ago, chocolate is derived from the cacao plant; it was brought to Europe by Columbus in the 1500s and initially developed by Spanish friars. Over the years, it has been transformed into many different flavours, tastes and guises and is one of the world’s favourite treats. With Christmas fast arriving on the horizon, this article will give you some gift ideas for your significant other, as they will surely be happy to receive some of the best chocolates in Malaysia.

Great Chocolate Gift Ideas

  1. Dark/Pure Chocolate – starting with a classic, high in Cocoa, it delivers a pure sophisticated taste that many people favour; it is a great gift for Christmas.
  2. White Chocolate – with its different smooth vanilla taste, white Chocolate uses Coca butter to produce a taste sensation popular around the world in many forms.
  3. Ruby Chocolate – a recent development in China that uses ruby Cocoa beans to deliver a taste that combines white Chocolate and berries.
  4. Prafeuille Chocolates – these luxury chocolates are small packages filled with many varied fillings; raspberry, orange, and green tea are three popular options.
  5. Coffee Bean Chocolate – high-quality Coffee beans coated in milk Chocolate is a luxury treat for any Coffee lover and a super choice for a Christmas gift.
  6. Fruit & Nut Chocolate – another popular favourite, this type of Chocolate is infused with a mixture of raisins and nuts to form a chewy treat.
  7. Macadamia Chocolates – whole roasted nuts coated with a mixture of almond paste and Chocolate are another luxury treat great for a Christmas present.
  8. Chocolate Truffles – these are tasty Chocolate shells filled with a liquid ganache mixture of Chocolate, Cream and sometimes alcohol.
  9. Mint Chocolate – Infused with Peppermint, Spearmint or Crème de menthe, this popular type of Chocolate is available in various forms.
  10. Potato chip Chocolate – this Japanese favourite consists of thin, salty potato chips coated on one side with either milk, white or plain chocolate and delivers a unique taste.

As we have mentioned, chocolate is one of the world’s favourite sweet treats and is loved by virtually everyone. This is why giving chocolate as a gift at Christmas is a fantastic idea, and it will be a gift much appreciated by whoever is lucky enough to receive it as a gift.


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