What are the Types of Flour Used for Making Gluten Free Pizza?

Pizza is almost everyone’s favorite dish to relish on. They love to bit into the hot and steaming pile of chewy dough, melted cheese, red sauce and the best toppings ever. If you are on a Paleo diet, you may find yourself craving for a pizza because you have to give up everything that has gluten in its ingredients. But, here is the best part, you can make gluten free pizza too. So cut down on your guilt and enjoy the Gluten Free Pizza Phoenix. Here are the types of flour used for making them.

Types of flour used to make gluten free pizza

There are four types of flour mainly used for making gluten free pizza like cassava flour, almond flour, arrowroot floor and tapioca floor. Every flour has its own flavor and texture and sometimes you may have to mix two flours together for creating a dough to make it taste like a regular pizza dough. Sometimes, coconut floor is also used.

  1. Cassava Flour

Cassava flour is made from the yucca plant’s roots and is now deemed the best gluten free flour alternative. This is the nearest substitute you can get from the regular wheat flour and makes the best doughs, cakes and breads. Sometimes you can use cassava flour instead of regular wheat flour. But many recipe would call it arrowroot flour if mixed with another flour. Cassava is denser than the regular and has a thick and gummy texture when overused. This flour lacks the vitamins and minerals found in different flours and is very high in carbs.

  1. Tapioca flour

This flour is also made from the roots of yucca plant. But this flour is more processed and is composed by extracting the starch from the root which gives a finer flour but it lacks fiber and doesn’t have to be baked in same consistency as cassava or regular floor. This floor also lack its own flavor.

  1. Arrowroot flour

Very similar to tapioca but harvest from the different plant root. Like tapioca it doesn’t have a strong flavor but doesn’t rise like the regular flour. You may have to use it with cassava for creating a great pizza crust. But use less of it than you would with cornstarch.

  1. Almond flour

This is made from ground almonds. Hence it is cheap and easy to make at home too if you have a grinder. Almond flour tastes sweet and tastes like nuts. It is perfect for desserts but this also has to be paired with another flour for dessert for crusts and bread. It is also high in fat and calories.


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